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Summer 2014 will be a marvelous adventure and experience for ten students from Cracov, Poland… We are going to volunteer in Kyrgizstan!

Our project is arranged by Jezuickie Centrum Społeczne “W Akcji” (Jesuits’ Community Center “In Action”). It is an organization which annually sends Polish volunteers abroad to countries such as: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and others. They are places where youth can give their helping hands.

Our objective is to volunteer in a village on the coast of Issyk Kul Lake in the North-East of Kyrgyzstan and in a city Jalalabad. Mainly, we are going to organize a summer language camp for Kyrgyzs students and provide community development and day care for children. We believe that one person can change other’s live and that is why our project’s name is Czas czynów! Z Miłością do Kirgizji! (Action time! With Love for Kyrgyzstan!)

Flight tickets and other needed materials used during our program are bought thank to the kindness and generosity of other people. Sufficient money are collected during fundraising and other activities which promote volunteer work.

If you want to get more information or want to support our project, visit us on: http://kirgizja2014.wakcji.org/

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